Hey guys! I am back!

Hey guys I am back with so many new ideas!

I am sorry I was gone so long! My new idea is to continue to work on hide and seek again! With a lot of new different things! I am planning on making a shop… settings… and more! I am not sure how long I will be working on it or how long I will be here!s


Welcome back, it’s great to have you!

Can’t wait for Hide ‘N Seek too!

Things you missed:

  • Flowjam started a few days ago, so if you want make a game for it, start now,
  • Pixelpizza and JR_01 released their particle system
  • @F3Art releast “august silence”
  • I made this art piece today :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the updates!

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You also missed the formation of Gamougg Industries, the temporary returns of Frost and hihilogic, the closure of Trust Level 1 Forums V3, The arrival of Trust Forums Level 1 V4, some Gamougg 4 announcements, and a ton of Gamougg and Flowlab memes.

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