Hey guys, I need help!

So in my game, A Boy in Armor (WARNING: If you don’t want this game to be spoiled for you, try not to play it and try to help me verbally) is when touching this object, I want my character to get a message, pausing the game, then when clicking the message to get off, the character will not be able to move and an animation will play on the character, and the character will go to the next level. I just don’t know how to make the character stay still! Can you guys help? @grazer ?

Set up a :
Character behavior> Collision with (item) > Pause
> Alert with the message > Animation trigger> Next level

maybe some delay triggers at some point, Idk. Good luck tho.

Yeah, I’ve done that too @“Daniel Folston” , but when you walk around, it stops the animation, hence meaning it won’t go to the next level.

But I think I can actually go on without it, since I made the animation quicker, so the player shouldn’t be able to go on and move before the animation is over, unless they wanted to just basically pause the game, since there wouldn’t be anything else to do if you don’t let the animation continue (Oh, and yeah, A Boy in Armor pretty much done, maybe some design changes, but that’s it! You can check it out by going to Bored Reviews!).