Hey guys

So, I’ve been gone a pretty good amount of time. Last I remember posting was sometime in August 2014. grazer had disappeared from the site for some amount of time, and I don’t recall if he announced it or not. Eventually the main members and I tried to help as much as we could, but I eventually was overwhelmed with questions which most I didn’t know how to answer. To add to this, my games stopped working, and Muphins and I had messaged grazer about it. He replied sometime in September, but I had given up on the project after the site updates and bugs ruined the game logic. I actually deactivated the Facebook account linked to the Flowlab account, for another reason entirely, but I reactivated it to see how things are. I joined another forum with the .io in it, and made me remember this site. I feel bad for leaving, but I didn’t know what to do anymore. I even have 2 jobs now, so I’m not really doing anything, my Ps3 has been off for months.

Is anyone I remember still around? grazer, how are you doing? I see not much is really different, besides lots of new members. I also noticed something about a new version of Flowlab. My laptop doesn’t even really work anymore, and my iPhone drowned, so now I’m on an Android. I wouldn’t suppose .apk development was ever implemented. That’s alright though, the game still doesn’t load, and probably never will. So I guess I can just give up on it since even only 4 short levels caused a lot of lag.

I really just came by to see how everything and everyone is doing, I didn’t really expect much else. It’s just nice to remember making the games, since I know making a 35 huge level game would be impossible anyway without massive loading times.

im here
up and kickin!

That’s one person.

im still having some regrets on upgrading