Hey, I found a problem

Hello, @grazer. I happened to be looking around the User Interface behaviors and I noticed one behavior was missing. I noticed that Destroyer was missing and I thought that this was odd but maybe was necessary for grazer reasons.

However, I later saw that Destroyer’s counterpart, Spawn, was still there. Is this a mistake? If you have to choose between keeping Destroyer and removing Spawn please keep Spawn.

I have the destroyer block, it’s not gone for me.

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Do you have it on the User Interface layer?

No I’ll check tomorrow

I noticed that the destroy behavior is gone, too. Man, this update really wrecked the user interface objects. XD

The destroyer is under Components as it always has been, Idk what yall are talking about XD

We are talking about the user interface objects. The destroy behavior seems to have disappeared from the user interface components.

uhhhhh… I have it


ye same, Its in components

Is that a user interface object?

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I know that. I am saying that it disappeared from user interface objects. It looks like you guys are looking at game world objects.

I dont think destroy has ever been in the gui section

I feel like it has been in there before. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense that the Spawn behavior is available there.

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It has been in the GUI. I know because I have used it on a few of my games. I literally refreshed my page when the update came out and it was gone.


huh, I dont remember it being there. Maybe yall had a different version or something, I also dont know why it would be in the gui collum because it has nothing to do with gui XD

I don’t think the spawn behavior is supposed to be in ui?

I don’t think it ever was.

the message block is missing for my user interferance.

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So, I’m hoping this problem does not sink into the depths and is at least addressed

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