Hey i need help please

I was wondering how do you have a play in browser game on itch.io

@todorrobot i know you’ve done this before can you help me please

Hey @todorrobot can you help

I’ve never done this before, but I think you need to use an embed code. If you want to have your players download the game (like Minecraft or Undertale), then you’ll need to export the game there first (which will require a paid subscription).

Yeah i know but it says it need a file with the embedded code in it to run it which maybe all the files are like that I’m not sure but I’ll just wait and see.

todorrobot isn’t very active in the forums, but I’ve helped him to upload his games to itch before.
There are several steps involved to get the game playable on sites like itch and newgrounds.
I’ll see about getting detailed instructions that you can download later.

I’ve made a zip folder with detailed instructions on how to make Flowlab games playable on sites like itch and Newgrounds. You’ll need to read through the README.txt and the HowTo.txt.

You can download it here on Github:


Oh wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. :smile:

Also @JR01 I read the instructions and if it uses the embedded code does that mean it updates when I update the game right.

Yes, the game will update with any changes you make. BUT you will need to redo the file if you changed the size of your game.

Aka the frame of the game.

Yeah i know i already had to do that lol since i made the game 32X18 instead do 10X10 also yeah, thank you for all the help @JR01 :heart: