Hey, Mr. ShadowGaming, May you help me with an AI please?

help mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’ve been experimenting with AI recently, what do you need?

top down and one that runs away path findig,not dumb

Top-down is easy, runs away from what? and what path is it finding? Can you link the game?

if you can give more description I might be able to help

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I would need more information, but I’m going to guess by AI you don’t want an NPC that just wanders around. For an AI to follow the player for example JR_01 has an example of how to do this. If you want the AI to stay on a specific path you can use proximity to see if it’s on the path, if it’s not shooting a ray cast in 4 directions and whichever one hits is the direction it will go to head back onto the path. (This would require a custom movement, you can’t use JR_01’s example for it). If you want it to do more than just movement I would need a lot more details as to what it does and how it does it.


so they run away from the PLAYER like those things in the hollow knight!

Get player position, If AI X is less than player X move in -X direction, if AI X is greater than player X move in +X direction. Y movement is also the same. You can also use the Random behavior to mix up the movement a bit to make it more natural. If you need any more help/this doesn’t work just ask and I’ll be happy to help :llama:

Uhhh…I dont understand a word you just said.Can you just send me the code plz? :confused:

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Yeah I’ll send it later when I get a chance