hey who wants to make a game with me?

i have an idea but idk if i can finish it by myself

i want to be about a game maker who was working on a game but never finished so the cartridge must convince her to finish him. but he dosent know where she is

please reply if you want to help

I would be willing to help


Do you know how to make it a team game?

Go to game settings and there is a team access button. Set it to the team you want it to be accessable to.


ive sent you an you an invatation

Can I help???

Cool I’ve joined, I think you have accidentally added all your games.
Feel free to tell me what you want to work on

save the game and yes you can help

crying baby sounds

Is the game birds eye view, or platformer

@16batemangibneycha techincally it’s top-down or platformer:)

platformer and sorry for not commeting for 24 hours
anyways lets start making the game

Great, can you give us a list of things you want us to do. at the moment. I like the characters look

maybe you could make some objects i wanted him to start on a desk and then he wakes up you know

and im also wanting a grapple gun

i also need some sound effects but ill get those