Heyo! My new game "Late for Work"

This is RawHamster
I am hoping to get some publicity on my brand new platformer “Late for Work”!
I am trying out flowlab and want to know what you guys think. Pixels (not the prettiest game, but quite fun)
Keep creating!

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Have any points or critisism?
Please tell me!

@RawHamster I thought it was really enjoyable and most of the art was actually really good, just the player while running and the size of the cars could be worked on, and a game that fun should not be that short! Please keep on editing!

Additionally, Can I just give you some advise: Tick “Repeating” on The Code for running (Left and Right keys) and “loop” on run animation. Then on the Left and right keys attach the “Up” input to stop on the animation :slight_smile: That should help!


Thanks @“The Kodex” I was trying to fix that run bug. I am working on level two.

Level 2
Mikey can now crouch
Mikey can jump on top of cars
Fixed run bug
Bigger and better cars

@RawHamster Very Well done! All I have to say is make the jump slightly higher, I would reccoment jump force 16 or 17, 15 at least. For some reason in platformers when you jump higher it is more enjoyable. Either way you took my earlier advice and I am inpressed! Your game is really good! I hope one day you get Indie so you can make more levels!

@“The Kodex” You really helped me polish and refine the game, I got rid of the game over level so I am making level 3.

Thank you so much for the help

@RawHamster Your welcome. Always happy to help. Try to make the stone blocks seamless and give the player lives.

This game is GREAT! I love the sprites and gameplay keep up thy Amazing work!