Heyyyy ummmm im bad at art

can some1 send me a character with a walking animation pls?

You can’t really ask someone for an animation. I’m sure beginning out as a game dev, anything would work, but it all depends on what kind of character you need or are looking for and the type of movements you want the character to have.

Many people are happy to help with a variety of things on here, but usually art is something that not many people do professional pieces for others unless they are getting paid.

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Hey umm @ManiacPumpkin idk wut character to make heres the game

also uhhh is my character good?

hey @ManiacPumpkin do yk who @Blu7962 is?

I’ve been super busy with school and work so I don’t have time to play test the game at the moment or make a character, since there’s a lot that goes into animations and not many people are usually willing to make detailed, quality sprite sheets for someone else.

I would recommend asking for art tips, one user, Baron_Wasteland, (that I can think of) could give really good tips for animation and character designs.

I’ve seen him on the forums a few times, I don’t think I ever talked to him personally.

Did someone call me @ManiacPumpkin and @GalacticNugget