Hi I am new to this place

Hi, I am new. I wanted to do game creating, and this was what was towards the top. I need some help though. I made my first ever game. https://flowlab.io/game/play/1576029. I want some enemys, but more importantly, i want to be able to see farther and make my level bigger. I need any feedback i can get. Thank you!


Hello, @XX_Gamer_XX ! Welcome to Flowlab!

What you’ve got here is a basic base, but you can definitely go a lot further on here. You can find enemy examples all throughout the “games” page too. Here’s one here:

Enemy Movement Example by grazer (grazer is the creator of Flowlab, just so you know)

here’s another enemy example I personally prefer:

Enemy Movement AND Healthbar Example by Latif

These may help:) feel free to look at other people’s games and examples through the “editor” option. It’ll help you through these early, learning stages.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask through the forums!

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Thank you so much. I am excited :grin:

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Hey @XX_Gamer_XX, your game is good for a start. I recommend learning pixel art, since that is what you use on flowlab. Here is some feedback I got from other people when I started

Try out different types of games to find your strong suit. Platformer, Bullet hell, Top-down RPG, Turn based RPG, Sandbox. All of these and more can be made in flowlab, although like other I recommend to start with a platformer as they are the easiest to make

That last one is definitely helpful

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welcome first you can start making your own sprites it makes the game unique

My advice is to screw around with behaviors, figure out what they do, and try to replicate iconic games like Zelda, Mario, Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Punchout, etc.

You should look behavior handbook, forums and helpful examples, thats what i do and i learn even more every time. also welcome to flowlab, hope you enjoy