Hi, I don't know whats going on

I can’t find whats wrong with this spawning mechanic and I’m having issues with it
Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 12.00.13 AM

Disconnect that timer from spawn and connect the random to the spawns bottom socket

It seems to still not work @CrimsonBlackGames

What @CrimsonBlackGames said should be correct, I don’t know what could be wrong . . .
Are the coordinates right??? Where are you trying to spawn the item?

@“Black Hyena Studios”
try using i timer set to 1 between random and spawn (leave random to y).
spawning at the same time as x and y won’t update the position when spawned,
so a small millisecond delay should fix it. (don’t repeat the timer)

What’s your new profile picture?
And are you SB?

I feel stupid because the problem was that I had the X and Y coordinates switched around

It’s fine, I did that for Terraria! :lol: