Hi I made a microsoft paint thing

Kinda buggy and I can’t fix the bug where it doesn’t draw if you click and drag really fast, since I think that’s just Flowlab having a slight delay when spawning.
Edit: sry for not having a link @R0CK @The_Kodex @Caden9 https://flowlab.io/game/play/1554340


Can you provide a link to this project?


@MrMcMemerMan, link?



this is really cool :3 i just wonder what the finish button does? when i click it it doesen’t do anything

im not good at painting :frowning:


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This is actually a really awesome creation, and I haven’t seen anything like it done before, well done!

heyy not bad, not bad!

Not done yet, gonna let you sell art to pay bills

@MrMcMemerMan I haven’t played this yet, but is there a sizing tool? Like to change the size of the brush stroke. If not then that would be pretty cool. From what I can tell from everyone else’s images it seems like it’s one size, but I haven’t yet played it to know, lol.

I accidentally said this on a different discussion cause it’s super late at night and I’m tired lol.

No, because that would require more objects, and I have a free account, so if I have any objects left when I’m done with another feature I want to implement, I’ll probably do it.

You might be able to use an animation.

When button pressed play x animation, and turn off y, z, etc animations, consisting of different sizes. I dunno, just a suggestion.

That would probably make it change the size of everything, so idk.

True, true XD though I guess it could be a small price to pay…

For smaller pixels…

you could just change the size by using the size code.

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@ShadowGaming @rcreger yeah but you’re essentially just making the same drawing, but smaller.

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Kinda, but maybe pressing the “size” button again will switch it back to it’s normal size, or a different size completely.

Remember, I can’t fix the problem where it doesn’t draw a full line whenever you click and drag, since I think that’s just a delay with the Flowlab Spawn behavior.

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