🪸 Hidden Depths - PixelPizza Flowjam 2023

bro… what? First, this is not a competition, you are turning a friendly convo into something weird.

I never said it was impossible, that’s why I shared an image of the overlay with the cut-out of the skull lmao. Like you downloaded the image, and were like “nah yea Imma do this, he for sure never did this with the image” like?? As if the whole purpose of that image wasn’t to do that.

I feel like Im talking to someone who doesn’t want to listen so I don’t think I wanna continue this lmao.
There are always 30 ways of doing the same thing on flowlab, no need to be like that. Peace :v:


Game has a reaaly nice feel and fun


Unfortunately my computer was kind of lagging, so I felt it was hard to control the submarine. It looks really cool though! Your art style is always smooth and feels comfortable.


Hey everyone! New update!:wave:
I just made some cool updates to the game! It’s nothing major, but it is at the same time.
The game is now a lot more comfortable to play, and hopefully, it doesn’t crash or its not super hard as it was.

Update 1.1 Changelog:

:sparkles: New Stuff:

  • The Leaderboard was reset, so there’s no longer my out-of-average score, and everything feels fairer.

  • Skip the Tutorial Feature!!! YAY :tada: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And the “Most Requested feature of the year” award goes to… :trophy:

You now have a lot of extra time to explore :slight_smile:

  • Better Level Design, the areas are easier to transverse through (less tight gaps), and the ship collision box is even smaller now.

  • There’s now a small & temporary icon that appears on breakable blocks when you select the LASER DRILL tool. Basically, a clue that tells the player which blocks are breakable.

Showing the LASER DRILL aim on breakable objects.

  • The Lethal radiation now actually starts at the 5-minute mark (instead of slightly before), which gives you a lot more time to explore and come back. It is also less confusing.
    I plan on adding another warning later on, which should make it clear that even if you are outside the radiation zones, you will still be infected.

  • You can now also reach Level 2. Since the game was so hard and buggy, it was kinda impossible to reach the second level. Now, you can explore even deeper :slight_smile:

  • Boxes now don’t damage the ship, have physics, and are also breakable by the LASER DRILL. Yay fun ahah

  • Fullscreen was disabled, for now, as grazer investigates why the game crashes.

Bug Fixes, Click to open

Bug Fixes: :bug:

  • Touched-up Menu Controls
  • Fixed Dialogue sometimes getting stuck or not showing (I did some spring cleaning on the code, and it’s so much better now)
  • Properly Resets the Player HP when you successfully finish your mission
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to eat plants (weird bug?)
  • Fixed other small issues

I still want to update many things, but I’m working my way through the priority list.
Some performance updates are coming later on.

Thanks everyone, for the feedback so far!
Give it a try again, and let me know what do you think of it now!

You should be able to get a way better score now :smiley: Happy Exploring! :ocean::mag:


how did you make the dialogue on here?


A magician’s secret… spells.

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So there was a game jam? Will there be another one? PixeoPizzo.

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Game jams happen twice a year in Summer and Winter. Summer typically starts sometime in early July.


Hey! This time for the dialogue, I used the actual label Behavior, but used the bundles from the Label Bundle to cycle through the dialogue and animate it.

I did use the Label Bundle to make the damage Numbers and other stuff :blush:


great game, always fun beating your score and tryna take 1st place. good job

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You know, this game is one of those games that does not look like it was made in flowlab. How did you make the art?

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PixelPizza tends to use vector art for all his projects.