hold up, did flowlab update?

Original version
Skjermbilde 2019-06-22 kl. 22.00.06

Updated version
Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 14.28.26

a month ago

huh? then why am I not seeing the updated version?

The bottom is the HTML5 version, you have to click the tiny print under your game in “My Games” tab.

The updated version has ?v=html at the end of the website. You can switch from the old version to the new one by adding that to the end of your game.

For example


Hey @“Dan studios” - the new HTML5 version has been in development (and testing) for quite a while now. I’ll soon start adding some more prominent links to the new version now that it’s getting pretty stable. It will eventually replace the current Flash version, which will be getting deprecated since Flash itself is going away.

oh ok, thanks! sorry if i havent replied (its because i have been on a holiday