Homing Missle (For Player)

How do I make an object that the player can emit. Follow the enemy. *Note: I have multiple enemies per level. Here is the current code that doesn’t work. I’ve made my laser rotatable and moveable. Yet it just seems to float around.

or just, use the x and y from the proximity and put it into the point at x and y**

and if you want it to rotate the collision, get a rotation and connect the rot from the pointAt to the set on the rotation.

Yes I’ve tried that, but it attacks the player, more importantly I have multiple Enemies. So If I change it to attack enemies, it will glitch out and target all of them.

Have it target first object.

You could have a invisible sprite that constantly follows your mouse. When click, emit a marker object and destroy the current marker objects. if the marker is touching an enemy, attach the marker to that enemy. Else, just keep it where it is. On click, the missle spawns and follows the marker.