Honeybee frenzy

So recently my school robotics team that I recently joined is trying to raise awareness on threatened honeybee populations. So today we were brainstorming fundraising ideas, so I offered to make a game for the google play store that can raise awareness and also gives us money to donate to bee farms.

The main thing is the Zika control fog they use to kill mosquitos also kills bees and there has been a point where a honey farm lost over 3,000 bees (thats a lot!) to the fog. so Im working on a game to raise help awareness and possibly sponsor a solution. And hopefully export it to the google play store. Hopefully you all can give me support on this, I’ll still work on crystal storm, but I may slow down.


Use the arrow keys to move, dodge the fog

Bee Movie was a good movie about what happens if bees die. Do something like every level, the world is more dead, and you’re one of the last surviving bees, trying to pollinate as many flowers as you can, before your timer runs out. You have to pollinate a certain amount of flowers in each level to exit, but you have a timer that lasts for all the levels. Instead of killing you, the fog and plants with pesticides make you sick, and fall to the ground, and you have to spam buttons to refill your energy bar, to start flying again.

Ill make that a separate game. For now this is just an endless dodger game

That and this is going on the store for 0.99 so i gotta keep it simple yet fun