Horizontal impulse not working

the y axis is working but x is not. however, it does work when you shrink yourself. down for shrink. up and left to try and impulse.https://flowlab.io/game/view/2136381

The only impulse in your code is just for the Y, what exactly are you wanting to do with impulse x?

I added impulse x in the “backflip” bundle. I’m trying to make it impulse you left when you jump in the air and go left.

The reason why your impulse x doesn’t work is because your x velocity movement over rights it. You need to turn off your x velocity movement to use the x impulse movement.


Bonus tip, it would also help if you knew that you should try using 0 forward velocity before using impulse to cancel all the player’s inertia (like falling).

thanks for the tip! I thought that impulse goes first, then velocity. What is the difference of 0 velocity x and y versus forward?

Forwards affects both x and y movement, and is usually used for top-down movement.
But here we can use forward to cancel both x and y movements by using forward, it’s the same and just makes it easier.

Also on the impulse vs velocity thing,
They act on the order of the behaviors, but in your game specifically an alway’s velocity will always over right a single impulse.