Hotline Miami Camera

I’ve been seeing a few posts about Hotline Miami games and the biggest question is how to put the camera between the player and the mouse.
This type of camera will move around to help see what’s directly in front of you.
Moving the camera out will let you see farther and moving closer to the player will make you see less.

The challenge was to get the center of the distance between the player’s game world X and Y and the Mouse’s Screen X and Y for the Camera.
I’ve tried this myself and after an hour of trial and error, I got it.

Hotline Miami Camera test:

very cool effect - thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Wow, cool post, thanks for sharing!

I tried it also very cooll!

Wow cool post, thanks for sharing! :heart:


I thought it was a great effect and could broaden the possibilities of many new games! Nice work @“JR 01” , and thanks for posting this!