Hello there community. Calhango here with Flowlab test game.
The game objective is to collect all sort of material abandoned on a offloading platform rig (operation is called Housekeeping).

Link below:

Hoppe you all like it!!

Just an update as my son said it was too easy.

Now added some spikes on second level.

I don’t know if it’s my mistake but a dual attribute animation should help. I just wanted my player to reach a lever object with animation attribute and at finish run my celebrate animation but it fails every time. The only solution was deleting the lever object and start a animation from itself deleting my player. You can find it at the end of first level. At the end of second level the the lever animation runs fine but no celebration at that time.

Make sure to check “Animation Priority” in your objects’ behaviours or Stop one animation before playing another one

The animations are incredible!