How 2 Fix a Computer (Pre-Alpha)

So lately i’ve been working on a game called How 2 Fix a Computer, (H2FC for short) anyways, ive only gotten a little done so far, but i would still like some advice and constructive criticism.

Also, for after you play the game and in case you are wondering: the stages won’t all be the same, they will all have different & unique gameplay.


P.S. If you think the title looks a little wonky/weird, I did that on purpose, so don’t start hating in the comments :lol:

Love the dialogue and the way you did it, it’s funny and unique in style. The gameplay is a bit lacking, but I assume you will add more stages and more mini games. Nice job m9

Thanks a lot @Myw and yes as said there will be new levels and they will all be different and unique

How’d you get that play button?!? I gotta use that thing for NW2

I use a really handy website called: it has a bunch of texts that you can make and design and stuff.

what font? I want that particular play button For SB2

its called Karmatic Arcade, but on its K-Arcade @jngthree