How can i add chase option to my enemy ?

Hi everyone, this is my game link

I wanted to add chase behaviour to the allien enemy at the start of the game. I found some examples about chasing but they all chase the player like x and y direction. I only wanted to chase from x direction and maybe jump direction.

I will be very pleased if you can comment on my game and give extra advice to me. Thanks :slight_smile:

check out @Tim01 he has a simple tutorial on youtube

@glithctyrus thank you i found another example to solve it.

If you check out this game you can find that the zombie script uses an advanced version of this. You can easily cop and paste it.

@meburningslime can you share a link for the game that you mentioned ?


@meburningslime Thank you, but chasing is not working in the game that you’ve send. I solved it anyways. Thanks again.

Ok, it’s old I will check what’s wrong. Sorry