How can i add music in my game?

So i tried add a Once trigger and link it to the Sound. But it won’t play the music. Can anyone please help???!

the link i used for music is : Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.32.10 PM

I see you’re using kiwi6. That link you posted? Don’t use it.

Within your music file on Kiwi6, look for the embedded code. You have to copy and paste a portion of that code into Sound.

I don’t remember exactly which portion, but you can look at one of Mhx’s or grazer’s games as a reference.

By the way, connect a keyboard trigger to your sound to force play the music. The editor is still buggy so think of ways to exploit the editor.

Muphins, Thanks a lot! Fixed and it works perfectly!!! Thank you so much!!!

Woah i have the same problem with the site howd you do it???

I used Grazers “Silly Fun” but it wouldn’t work. Why is it that it works for Grazers game, but not mine?

post a link to the game and I’ll take a look