How can I do this?

Hi, I still need help on my game. I want 2 2s to combine and ONLY have a 4 left over. And I also want the tiles to stop floating all over the place, and other things like that. Can you please help me do both of those things, please? I appreciate all of the help I have gotten so far; there is just something that I am missing. Once this last thing is figured out, I think I would be able to finish my game. That means making 8s and 16s and 32s and 64s and so forth. It is going to be like a 2048 game, but with more features and challenges. Thank you in advance.

Link please.

Found out the Proximity can break…

  • The message needs to be set to choose object (the selected object is already correct).
  • Use 4 raycasts instead of proximity and it should fix it right up.


Here is my game.

Thank you for looking it over for me.

Oh yeah, I remember helping with this game before.

Yep, and I’m still stuck. Got any ideas for me today?

Did you try the raycast idea? ^

Yes I did, but there was still a 2 remaining.

Here’s where you messed up on the raycast idea:

  • Timer is on 1 with a delay of 1
  • Collision sends the message, not the switch

I didn’t realize that. Thank you, I will try it now.

I tried it and you were right! That’s what I want it to do! :slight_smile: Thank you for your help!!!

np @TommyPL, just glad we finally got it fixed.
You’ve been trying to solve this for a month already, right?

Yes, and I could not have gotten it without your help. Thank you for your help.