How can I insert multiple-choice question?

I will create a game to help students or young learners, so I need to insert questions into the game. Anyone can help?

Well it’s easy to do, it’s just a bit of a pain to explain the whole process to a new user that doesn’t really understand what I’m talking about if they are too new. I’ll try to explain it and hopefully you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying, because I don’t think anybody has made a flash card game.

I suggest flash cards, because it makes it slightly easier, but it’s up to you. What you want is a number 0, and a filter for every single number of questions, if equals one, if equals two, if equals 3, if equals 4, and so on so forth. Every time you click on a flash card, whether it is right or wrong, it will add one to the number, thus advancing it one filter. Each filter spawns 4 cards at grid coordinates, and it displays a question either using a very large rectangle, or you can use the label feature in the GUI part of the behaviors. The correct cards will display a green circle on the GUI by having it Alpha ease 100 to 0, and every wrong card will have the same thing but a big red X.

That’s basically it, when you run out of cards, just have the filter reset the number to one.

Not sure if I necessarily had to explain that each card does need to be destroyed after you click one of them. You should be able to achieve this by having the card you click Send a message to the GUI computer object that sends a message to spawn the new cards, to send a message to all cards to delete themselves before spawning new cards.

In a nutshell, it’s really simple to achieve, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to get used to how flowlab works, most of what I said will just be confusing to new users.

Well, thank you for this information but I think I missed the basic, simple part of this, How can i use flash cards or where can i find them? There isnt an option for this. Is there any chance to send a picture of where the flash cards part or how to create question, cause as you say it is difficult to understand for me. :frowning:

Something like this this I guess?

If you’re going to make multiple questions it’s going to be complicated, or you can use each level for a question.

The “flash cards” are individual objects you draw, no different from a sprite character or any other object. I figured you’d be lost.

Latif has a good idea as well, but I personally wouldn’t use a new level for each question. If I did it his way, I’d send messages to A B and C to set a number 0 or 1, where filtering 1 is correct and 0 is incorrect. Each time you click A B or C, a GUI object sends a message to A B and C to change the number and to alpha new questions beside them.

Again, it’s a pain to explain if you don’t understand flowlab, but I don’t have any free time to make a new game for it. I’m sure it would be useful of a tutorial for RPG games, so maybe a tutorial is in order.

bruuuh i need a one on one :frowning: