How can I make an object gradually rotate towards you

So I want and object to turn towards you at the same speed, so if you move it will start gradually rotating your way at a fixed speed.

You can use a point at block to rotate an object towards you, and you can use an Ease block to make the rotation gradual.

This is trickier than it sounds at first, because you have a discontinuity at 0/360 degrees, so it may not always rotate the direction you wish

Oh ok i can try it :wink:

Ok yeah i see what you mean but it is actually really cool because of how it does do that. it give it a better ai feel

Hey@ grazer i am trying it but it’s not gradually move it just kind of lags like its at 1 fps

Would it be possible to use an equation such as in the smooth camera example? Something similar to that but with angles instead?

You can also do this by using the Missile Example by @JR01:

It gradually rotates towards the other object.


Yeah i was looking at that before but is the a specific area where the rotation is at.

Also i have a question are you entering the Flowjam cause i need to know that information.

The rotation code should be in the missile object in the Homing Missile bundle

Yeah i know that but there is like 10 other bundles in side of that one unless all of it is for rotation

@Haevoc there are 4 main bundles in the homing missile bundle, and it all have description on what everything does.

The 4 bundles are:

  • Target
  • Rotate Left speed
  • Rotate Right speed
  • Update Rotation.

Don’t touch the delay bundles in there, they just fix the timing.

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