How can I make certain objects only collide with other certain objects?

This is the game I’m working on. As you can see there is a border which the Fire Extinguisher and Asteroids collide with. However, I don’t want the Asteroids to collide with it - only the Fire Extinguisher. I want to Asteroids to pass through the border instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Well… It’s extremely difficult but I’ll try to think of a way/rig. See you soon!

Thanks! I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible at all with Flowlab, but it would be awesome if you found a way.

4 collisions. One set to up, another left, and another right, and the last down
Up-- number(-#)—impulse(y)

= positive number

-# = negative number

I might of fitted up and down backwards. See what you think

@jngthree Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but how does this allow the Asteroids to get through? I can see how it would keep in the Fire Extinguisher, but I think the Asteroids would just go through anyway :slight_smile:

Also there’s no way to disable collisions on certain sides AFAIK

Make sure the astroids aren’t solid

If they aren’t solid they won’t collide with the Fire Extinguisher

That’s why the impulse will send them away when the sprite touches the extinguisher

But then it won’t go through the border :slight_smile:

Aren’t they suppose to go through the the border?