How can i make my player speed stack

i want there to be a system in my game where your able to do a bunch of moves and such that add so much speed to your movement until a certain speed cap, is there a way i can do this?

The first part of your request isn’t very clear, but a speed cap is made like this:

Always extract x/y velocity, if over speed cap, set the x/y velocity to speed cap.

in the first part im saying that i wanna be able to have a system where you can string moves together to go fast, like every move you do has like a 1.5x multiplier or something like that

i just need a way to make the player able to reach that speed cap tho. i dont know how to make the player character speed up for doing things and keep that speed

You could use an expression so everytime the player jumps an obstacle and goes faster, then it would multiply the speed by 1.5 or whatever number you want.

I would personally add 1-2 in the velocity and have it cap at a certain point, that way it’s easier to make, and you can gradually gain speed.

Basically, whenever the player successfully completes an obstacle, add +1 to the current velocity. Add a cap at let’s say 10 by using a filter so if the number exceeds past 10, it just sets the number back to 10.
If the player fails an obstacle or their speed is reduced, you can have another number to set their velocity back to 1 or whatever the starting speed is. Unless you want to add negative counters so it doesn’t instantly restart your speed, but maybe add -2 or something when you mess up so you’ll slow down.

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thank you ill try making that :slight_smile: