How can I switch control from one object to another?

I’d like to make tokens that fall, but are also controlled by the arrow keys. I want to continuously emit them from the top, using a timer, but I want “control” to pass from the old token to the new token each time a new one is emitted.
That is, every time a new token is emitted, the arrow keys should cease working for the old one, but control the new one instead.
I tried sending a “Cease” message to the old token, but can’t prevent it from sending the message to the new token too.

how about this:

before you emit a new object, send the “cease” message to all tokens, turning off their controls. Then, emit your new token, which should work normally.

That sounds like what you need, but let me know if I’ve misunderstood.

Well, I tried that, using a timer to delay the emit command, but since it turned off the controls of one object token, it seems that the newly emitted token inherits the state of the original one, so even with the delay the controls don’t work.

okay i can use that for my game