How can you/i make a my game go in full screen?

so i went and clicked on a flowlab game the other day and it forced me into a full screen setup and said press (esc) to exit so how do i make my game do that?

In game flow, there’s a behaviour that you can have that allows for full-screen. But it’s only available with an Indie Account and above.

oh ok thank you @browngr

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No problem! :smiley:

Is that going to be changed anytime soon as it is really hard to work on projects and enjoy them without the access to fullscreen

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Hi, welcome to the Flowlab community! Please create your own new topic if you have questions. No, I do not think that this will change anytime soon unless grazer makes it no longer a beta feature. Please don’t revive dead topics. It clogs up the forums.

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