How come this isn't working?

I’m trying to get the point box to display a different animation when the points are greater than or equal to 100?? I don’t understand why this method I’m using isn’t working.

oops almost forgor the link

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Hey @BradenS - I have a couple of comments/questions:

  • You shouldn’t need that always trigger. Global values will output whenever they change
  • Why are the points a Text value instead of a Number?
  • I don’t see a need to have that Number block there before your Filter block - does it serve a purpose?

Probably the reason it’s not working:

You are setting the Number block (before the Filter) but never getting the value out, so nothing will be sent to the Filter, and the Animation will never start.


alright, i’ll change those problems, thanks a lot grazer!!

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well, the method grazer suggested didn’t work, i kept messing around with the code, and i got this

and it works :person_shrugging: