How did flowlab code started?

So much complicated stuff for my brain to handle! How can you make complex code even though you dont know what you are putting. Techinally what I am trying to say are you guys expirmenting with code just to do all that stuff?(you know fake 3d, cool cutscenes) HOW? How did it all started


I always start my code by brainstorming. I start brainstorming by going over the most important behaviours in the code. Lets say I’m making a leaderboard. I’ll probably think of user info, lists, and text. Then I do what my brain figured out and keep working with the draft of the code until it works. Once you code a lot of stuff and make yourself do stuff on your own it eventually comes to you naturally.


Well firstly you need to understand what all the behaviors do and how you can use them. With that knowledge, you can think of ideas that can be done with that. In more cases, you think of something that is “technically” possible to do in flowlab and you see what it would take to make it.