How do I add my music from iTunes into my game? Help

I cant figure out how to add my music from iTunes into my game. I can’t seem to get an mp3 url for it. please help if you can

First question: are you using a free account

yes, im using a free account

if you’re using a free account you can only use in-game music you need indie education or studio to get custom music.

URL requires an open source audio to be linked to the game. iTunes is a store with the only way to listen to the music is by purchasing and downloading them. If the URL works with iTunes, then you would be able to listen to iTune music for free, which is why you can’t.

If you’re able to download the music from iTunes, you have to have a paid account through Flowlab (Indie) to upload music to your game.

Any other case, you would need to find the music on a website and copy the stored URL from the page. Your’re unlikely to actually find the song roaming around the internet to be used for free though, so downloading the song and uploading through a paid Flowlab account is your best option.