How do I allow select character on a top down game

I did Grazer’s select character code for my top down game, but for some reason, it didnt work, could someone tell me why? here is my game> dont judge, pls help!


Double-check the case sensitivity.

So I took a look and I think the problem is to do with the data not saving between levels.
I could go more in depth on the subject but basically what you need to do is enable “Keep between levels” on your “control spawn” block, right now it’s set to “Reset on level start”, click it and select “Keep between levels”

Also I noted that there were two problems with it as well. If it did work correctly it might cause some problems as you already have a character in the game, spawning a new one could mess some things up so you might need to remove it. The second one has to do with where it spawns, if you take a look in “control spawner” then and then in the spawn behavior the positions are set to 0=X and 0=Y, this might spawn the character in a weird location so make sure to set it properly.

Btw, the characters you made look great! I have a hard time with humanoid figures, I hope this information can be of some use to you.


Omg thank uuuu :slight_smile:

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But how do I know where is X and Y?

Multiply the block coords by 32.

When you hover over a block with your mouse, it shows the coordinates.

are u sure im multiply by 32? I tried and it didnt work

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Multiply by 32 and subtract 16,
you could also use the extractor behavior to get the coords you need.

Ah, now I truly know my stupidity.

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Umm I just put the co ords and it worked

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