How do I change my profile picture


Okay so you click on this link:

Then you can click on your current icon and change it to whatever image you have saves on your device. Once you have selected a picture, save and then go to you home page. It may not show up so you might want to log out of the forums and flowlab, then log back in for it to load. Then your icon should be changed.

how do i save

After you upload your image there should be a save button maybe below it.

there isn’t

Ok, sorry its been a while since I actually changed my icon, but there isn’t a save button since it auto saves the image for you and then you just go back to the home screen. Then you log out of both flowlab and the forums, then log back in for it to work.

Sometimes it takes a while, but you have to log out of the forums first before updating your avatar. Then you may need to go to the forums and log back in without doing it in a new tab. That worked for me, and is why I (currently) have a Holiday themed avatar.

I tried that it doesn’t work