How do I count an entity?

I want to have the game keep track of how many of something there are, how do I do a do???

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Depends on what your trying to count,
usually the total would be a number set to the value of a label
I’m trying tocount the red blood cells. I want to have it to where if blood cell numbers drop to certain amount, the game will go back to the title screen

Well, would you know the max number of blood cells?
If not, you could get a proximity set to red blood cells, distance as 10000, output all objects found, and only trigger once.
Set this proximity output to an ‘in’ of a number ‘1’ and that output to the ‘+’ of another number set to 0.

Decrease the blood cells from the total is easier though,
messaging the player -1 after a cell is killed will subtract the total
and using a filter if it gets to a certain number to restart the level.


And know I just learned another new mechanic on my own