How do I defeat an enemy with blocks? (Specification shown.)

So I’m having some trouble with my game, Food Wars, where in the end of the level, there’s this giant chili, I know, and I want to be able to collide with a block (Have that down) and that block will make ‘water’ appear, and defeat the chili monster. I’m really confused I’ve been working on this for like an hour. Here’s the link:

sry guys, it didn’t leave the direct link, but if you search it up on google, it’ll bring you straight to the game… (;

Well, just judging by how many views and the lack of comments, I think I’ll be able to break the ice, yet I can’t test this out as I only have the free version, so I can’t make water blocks. But the idea is this: the player collides with water safe block, which causes emitters to dispense the water, and the bad guy has destroyers enabled for if he collides with water, Done! Plus, the water has a timer so that it destroys itself after killing the bad guy, making a path for the player. (; I hope I answered anyone elses questions, because I think I just did.

you want to collide into your block and destroy it along with emitting it

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the emitter can be your chose of lasting

Thanks! =D