How do I delete a sound file that I've uploaded to Flowlab?

Self explanatory question. :arrow_up:

Shameful admission / unnecessary details below in case anyone is wondering why I would want to do such a thing…

So I’ll admit… I uploaded a copyrighted song for use in one of my games.

In my defense, it’s a song I paid for, and I’m not “selling” the game I was going to use it for.

Well anyway, it doesn’t play in the game anyway, because it’s a .wmv file (and my attempt to convert it to mp3 failed, I’m assuming because Windows knew what I was up to and said “no, no, no, naughty boy”). But it’s still there in my “uploaded sounds” menu, and I can’t figure out how to delete it.

Yes I have learned my lesson, I won’t ever attempt to use licensed music in my games again.

I would just like to delete this unfortunate incident and pretend that it never happened.


Uhh, I have no clue. If you ever wanted to convert it to an mp3 you can upload it to flowlab, then download it as an mp3.


I actually don’t want it on my list at all anymore, since it is a copyrighted song by a (now deceased) famous artist. It’s clearly not my own work. I just thought it would sound neat with the game.


Hey @TGW you’re in luck! See New Update: Audio interface improvements


Thank you very much! It was mostly a minor issue, but it’s something I know will help me out in the long run once I start making more of my own music. :+1: