How do I delete my Account

I need to be 20

I don’t see the point, but I guess you could just sign out and never sign back in.

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What I would do is save the account and maybe later on down the road you can always look back at your progress and see how far you have come. I’ve kept all three of my accounts and sometime will occasionally return to them for ideas. So I wouldn’t think deleting your account would be a very appropriate thing to do, but that’s just my opinion.

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Sometimes accounts on the forums are recycled for other new users to use if those old accounts don’t get used for a REALLY long time. It happened with a random fellow whose account got recycled for the System.
But I know that is not what you are asking for. You are asking about deleting your actual Flowlab account. Unless you ask grazer (creator of Flowlab) to do it, there is no other way to delete it. Then again, it would be a TERRIBLE idea to delete your account. All your progress, all your games, everything will vanish. So I would suggest just abandoning the account, but remember the login details in case you change your mind and come back later. That way you will keep your progress.


don’t. just don’t. it’s a bad idea. also, that’s funny how that’s your first post