How do I detect when a player stops touching object?

I want to make a door that appears open when a player is touching it but closed when the player is not touching it. The door has an animation with two frames: open and closed. I thought there would be a way to constantly check for collision but I couldn’t find a way to do that. Is there maybe a way to detect when a player leaves a certain radius?

Proximity into a NOR logic gate

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Okay, but what should I connect the output of the logic gate to? Is there a way to check when the output of the gate is 0? That never seems to happen, the output is always either 1 or no output.

connect the output of the logic gate to tell the object that the player is no longer touching it. The output of the gate is always 1 or no output, what would 0 be used for?

Ok it worked, thanks for your help!

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