How do I disable my cursor when out of proximity from my player?

I am trying to make a range, that if your cursor is too far away from the player, it will disable its functions.

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hmmm… try doing this:

I’m sure there’s a simpler way to do it, but I literally know nothing about sin, cos, or tan, lol :rofl:

I try doing that, but it makes my player flip out, and I don’t think it works for the Switch

Use a switch to turn off the function when that happens, I suggest using the distance bundle.

Flowlab Game Creator - Bundle Library


Ok, I found your AngleTo bundle and tried it out, it works, but my custom cursor is in user inference that might be the problem, and it’s not tracking properly.

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just set the extractors to your cursor :3

Does this face look like that I did so? -_-

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Ok, I figured out the answer to all of this. My cursor was in URI, so I moved it to the game world, and it works, using JR_01’s AngleTo program.

I think the problem with this is the cursor has to be a block and then set the raycast.

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