How do I export a game to the app store and google play?


I tried to find a guide on the forums but couldn’t, so all I’m asking is how I export games to the app store; if I need to make preparations beforehand, beware of stuff etc.

I am planning on exporting the game I’m working on when I’m done with it to the google play and apple app store, but I’d like to know how to do that when the time comes.

If there’s a guide out there then please send the link in the comments below, or just write a reply. Whatever you prefer.

Thank you and happy coding!

Click the IOS button or Android, it will add in a file for your game and then you could go to the app store or the android store and upload the file there, but beware, mobile game app stores ask you for your license I think, so yeah.

And for MAC and PC its easy, click it, then wait for your file to be done downloading, and then sell the game on literally anything, like: Steam (You gotta pay 100 dollars though), or, GameJolt, those are all the stuff I know, so yeah.