How do i get shader on flowlab

how do i get sharder on flowlab?

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and here is my game link Flowlab Game Creator - ErRor GAMe

Flowlab Game Creator - ErRor GAMe the game

It’s a behavior. You have to find it in the behavior menu.

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oh oof ok let me see

can you try my game plz

Shaders can be found in the “properties” section of behaviors. Unfortunately, at this time, you need to have a paid subscription (such as Indie) to use it.

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WHAT i need indie to use or have the shaders i wish it worked for me but i paid and it still didnt let me go indie


well…do anyone know how to use respawn glicth without the shader?

no… that’s impossible?

@star4m - if you subscribed, but did not get upgraded that is a very serious problem! Please DM me or email ( with some details and I will resolve it asap.