How do I keep a score between levels?

Hi in my game, my character gets a certain score, which is counted during the game correctly, but when the game finishes, it doesn’t display the correct score. It is always displaying the same number every time I play. It worked the first time I tried it but now it always displays the same number. The behaviors for the score on the finish page are connected to the gold block in the corner if someone could have a look and help me out.


Screenshot (371)

do you need a certain score to beat the level? to help you I’m going to need a link to the game.

or just tell me what style game it is!

Could you leave a link to the game?

Also if you want the score to reset after finishing the game, have another mailbox --> 0 --> Save, and this will reset the score. Have something you want to message it to reset it (like a level 1 object saying reset the score).

@seamothmaster45 @“JR 01” Here is the link I really appreciate the help.

@seamothmaster45 @“JR 01” As you can see in the screenshot I posted, I tried to get the score to save between the levels but I’m not so sure I did it correctly. I know that I did the whole score collecting process correctly because I tested it, but it’s just a matter of that score saving on the next level - the “finish” page.

ok, there are several things wrong here.

  1. You need to name your save
  2. You need to put the save in the player (you cant message across levels)
  3. Just let the finish level display the score

In Player:

In Score Block:

@“JR 01” Wow thank you so much! It worked! I didn’t really understand how to use the save behavior before. I was really struggling so thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it xx

Use Save block, or am i wrong? That saves my data in between levels/