how do i mack my character collect items to open a door

i am making a game on flow lad from my college work and i want to make a door open but only if you have the key i don’t know how to do this and i would also like to know how to collect items

Well I assume that because you are in college then you Prob know how BASICALLY computers work. (if not 0’s and 1’s) so you can have the keys properties that it Sends a message to MAIN character then have the main character GET the message (MAILBOX) then have it use the Destroy to destroy the key after Picked up then have the message that went to main character then have it go into a number (IN) then have it at 1 and then have that go into another number (+) and a always in the IN. Last have it go in a filter at more than 0. Then you are ready to get the door to open part. Have the pass go into a message to the door. That then turns a switch on and the off is a timer that is .1 of a sec. Then make that go to a collision with the main character goes in the IN and the timer. then have it move or destroy the door. Done.
Hope this wasn’t confusing.

thank you really appreciate it

Here are some examples that may help:

Collect coins to go to new level:
Collect a key to open a door:

Between those two, they should have all the parts you need to do what you want. Good luck.

Hello, I’m new in this amazing tool. I’ve a problem. Imagine each coin is represented by one sentence or different word. In my game my player has to choose between keywords related with an speciffic subject. As the results of this action, player would pass to the other level when it has more than 2 correct keywords selected. Otherwise, it returns back to start. How could I count the correct words and also the mistakes? How would you solve this situation. My game is here
Many thanks in advance!

Hey Rosam,

If I understand you correctly, you could try this:

  • Have the “valid” objects send a specific message, for example “correct”.
  • Have the “invalid” objects send a different message, for example “incorrect”.
  • When the player gets the message “incorrect”, it can restart the level, or just increase a counter, or whatever.
  • Count the “correct” messages with their own Number behavior, and allow the player to move on once this value is high enough.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if I misunderstood.

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PixelStudios, I apologise. I saw the example of the coins collection and wanted to ask about this :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, grazer. It seems it works… for the moment!