How Do I make a board game

I’ve never made a board game on here before and I was requested to do so. If anybody knows I would appreciate it.

It depends on what kind of boardgame you want to make.
More details would help :slight_smile:

Mostly, you can use position blocks and randomizers. However, this takes a ton of time for animations and programming. As @TinkerSmith said, please provide more information.

I would want to make a board game which would be an easy game to code and a beginners game. I mean a game which a user travels around a board like monopoly and they earn points by landing on specific spots but, when they hit a specific number of points, they win the game. If there is any advice you guys could give me I would appreciate it and as its a beginners game I only would want to spend an 1 hour max making the game.
Thanks for the advice on positioning blocks and randomizers

I tried to attach an image of a plain board game which I wanted it to look like because I wanted to make this as simple as I possibly can.

Monoply ez

I couldn’t access the image when I tried opening it on the link I sent so, I downloaded it and tried to see if it works

Ok it works

This what I would want the board to look like and to win someone must get 1000 points, you start on 0 and the board spaces which are completely blank give 100 points except from the starting position. Hopefully this added more detail.
Please respond if you have any questions which you are confused with about the game

Hi @ism4il.riaz
Best is always learning by example. Dig and search through the Games section to get ideas of how to do things. In the Help menu under Examples you also find usefull stuff, like for example the grid based movement.

But realisticly … I doubt you will be able to do it in an hour. A boardgame and the needed program flow requires a bit of experience and that time frame might be a bit tight for a beginner.

But feel free to prove me wrong :slight_smile:
If you keep it simple it could work.

Ah, I see the image now.
Yes, you can use that as the background.
Then you need a player for sure.
Square blocks maybe for the fields that add to the count (so you can use collision or raycast).
A grid based movement.
And I guess you want a random number for the amount of steps.

Maybe start by setting the playfield up and create the player movement.

Anyone else out there having suggestions?

Ah yeah … have fun :slight_smile:

P.S. … what is your experience level?


here an old dice example of mine in case you need some

There should be more in the Games section

I just started using flowlab 3 weeks ago for a project so I my experience level is quite low

This is a link of a game I made for a project so it wasn’t that good

Cool, I see you got the basics :slight_smile:
Movement, collisions, counters.
So get your wires out and get the flow going :lol:

Ok thank you lol