How do I make a bomb explode?

I have the animation down but when the explosion from the bomb is spawned it spawns in the corner of the screen. Can anyone help me figure out how to make the explosion happen where the bomb is?

Could you link the game so we can look at the node editor what you have done so far?

I made an example game a while ago and it might be helpful for you:

Gwyd sure and thank you Latif.

That really helped. Mind if I bundle the bomb’s coding and add it in my game?

I just tried your bomb and it didn’t exactly work. The explosion went off in the corner of the screen.

It’s because your initial frame from the explosion object is blank. Copy the first frame of the explosion and put it as standard. This will center the explosion perfectly.

I had a look, but it seems to be working now

Pixel Pizza Thank you.