How do i make a character select for online mode

i want to make a character select for online mode, so you choose a character, then you go to the next level where the game find another person playing online then you go to the next stage and then the player you chose spawns in. but im having trouble doing that. i need some serious help. maybe @grazer could help??

Hi XXD3G!!! So ya need help with that!?

this could be hard hmmmm

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yes, if u dont know, its fine, ill just try and find someone else.

Its ok i got this (post must be 20 characters

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thanks! im having so much trouble

Your welcome!!!

Maybe when you click the button it will send a message to the player and make that character go to the game but the rest i’ll have to figure out i may figure it out by the end of halloween

hold, on, ill try something.

kk (i hate 202020 thingamijiggers

its still not working and im getting frustrated

@JR01 do you know what to do?

im is back hmmmmmmmmmm

Try this example by grazer.

i tried using that, trust me, it didn’t work, i even changed up the coding.

What didn’t work about it? Did you copy the all the objects including the player selector object and set it to keep between levels?

You need to use the save behavior.
Select a character before joining multiplayer lobby.

Save behavior is saved to the computer, not affecting other users.

could u give a screenshot if u can plz? @JR_01

Here’s my shop example, I’m afk atm

…i already looked at that Dx…

but how would i code it? i saw the example but how?