How do i make a description?

When i press somebodys icon in flowlab community it has a description like press ManiacPumpkins icon and he has a description i really want to know how so please help

Click on your account and edit your profile. It has an “About Me” section.

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thank you grazer (pmbal2c)

how do i edit my profile though?

So you click on your icon on the top right-hand side, then a window will pop up with notifications and tabs on the top. Click on the gear looking table and the window will change to different settings or summaries of your accounts. Click on preferences. It will take you to a different screen where you can change your title and your real name (optional). On the left side if will say profile (under account). Clicking on that takes you to (once again) another page that has information about yourself and other settings you can change. You can post your latest creation (or what you’ve been doing lately) your location (optional) and even background pictures and stuff. Make sure to click save on the bottom to save any changes done to your profile.

I found it!!! Thanks ManiacPumpkin

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