How Do I Make A Door Visible On A User Action?

In my game, I have a door which the user character has to pass through to get to the next level. I want to make that door visible only if the user takes a particular action, like hitting a lever or by taking special type of coin. The door should be invisible before that user action. Can someone pls suggest on how to make the door visible? Thanks

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Player collision with lever> send message ____ to door. That’s what you need in the player. In the door:
Once> 0> alpha
Mailbox ____ 100> alpha

Use the “emit” block

or simply “spawn” (when collision, message, mailbox, spawn, coordinates, select grid)

Thank you!!! I will try

Thanks for the suggestion! !I will try that too!

Ok, I will try! Thanks!

I tried doing your suggestion…but it’s not working for me

I tried your suggestion but it was not working for me…

ok then, good luck for it

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I was kind of confused with the emit…could you explain that a little more, pls?

I would recommend when the player collects or takes an object or action it will then use the spawn behavior which you can use a once behavior to input two numbers into the x and y coordinates for the door to spawn. The coordinates have to be the location you plan on spawning it in the game. Which when you click on a space inside the grid on the games editor it will tell you the x and y coordinates. I would just use a once behavior to set that into the spawn and when the player triggers it, it will send and output into the spawn making the door visible. I would not recommend using alpha although it would still work, the player can still interact with the door since it’s still there but just indivisible. Hopefully this helps.

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Oh sorry @Cactus_Studios_Games I didn’t see your message about spawning either. I guess you can kind of say that I described a bit more detail regarding it, lol.

Thanks so much! It is kind of working!

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I still don’t understand though because the spawn is not working

Number before spawn?
dont forget to select grid and to make sure x and y arent inverted

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Ok, let me try…I never used spawn that much in my game before, so that’s why I’m probably confused

I had trouble with it too

Yeah…spawn is a little hard to understand

tell me if it works,ok?

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