How do I make a download button?

I know you can make a download link. But I don’t know how to make that. Does someone know that?

Its been removed, but the link command is in the behavior bundles

Removed? So there was a download behavior in flowlab? I don’t remember that… O_o

Lemme correct myself: links are in game flow
Yes, there was a download/build desktop for flowlab, but it was only available for premiums,

I believe it used adobe air. I saw one of @grazer’s comment on a thread saying “im working on a native flowlab OS” or something like that

Oh yes… That download feature. I’ve no premium account. 8)
And I think you download the game and that was not my question, sorry!!

But my question is:
I want a button (in-game) and if you click on it then you go to a link (so I use the link behavior). And if you’re there. Then the window closes automatically and you download something (like a powerpoint).

Grazer has to make a download behavior…


Upload your file there

Thanks! I forgot mediafire. :smile: